We take in vintage iron that is starving for attention
and restore it to sleek running condition

                       Here's a Before & After Example:

A neglected 1954 Wizard WG4 becomes...

a nice running 6 hp outboard again 

                  Our Gallery of restored and on-going outboard projects:

1938 Neptune OB-1A38 rated at 1.7 hp
  1936 Neptune OB-34A rated at 4 hp

1953 Scott-Atwater
Gold Pennant 7.5 hp

1946-47 Champion 1J
4 hp

1941 Johnson KS-15

9.9 hp


A few years ago, we restored three vintage outboards for the Classic Car Museum of Malta... an island nation in the Mediterranean.

Check out the musuem at this link:


Below are some snaps of our outboards on display at the museum. They include a 1958 Evinrude Fastwin; an Evinrude Sportsman, and a Champion 1J... both from the mid-40's.

Back in 2007, we got an itch to restore an early 60's aluminum runabout, preferably an 18-foot Texas Maid Fiesta.

An extensive web search found nothing, then we stumbled across a 15-foot Texas Maid Impala in a North Tejas marina yard, sadly neglected and going to ruin.

After a little negotiation, we hauled her home and began a year-long restoration and refit, quite a chore following left rotator cuff surgery and then an unexpected downsizing at work that forced a new job search.

Below are some snaps showing the Maid as we found her, restoration at the mid-way point, and how she sits today... waiting for new hull and pinstripe paint:

Parked in a corner, windshield frosted and badly
weathered all around...

The last incarnation of the Texas Maid, final power plant was a 1964 Evinrude Sportfour V4 60 hp. Finished the cosmetic restoration of that motor in early 2012. Mounted it on the Texas Maid, but got the pontoon bug later that spring so I found a new home for this rig. She is reportdly making about 32 mph moderately loaded.

Resto in progress, topsides redone in Bimini Blue with Petit Easypoxypaint, and a few mods done to update the trailer.
Hardware cleaned and re-installed.


Waiting for another chance to hit the water. By now I had installed a matched pair of OMC Big Twin 35 hp
outboards, one Evinrude and one Johnson. This choice of twin outboards drew the most attention at the lake,
on the ramp and on the water. And it was a blast to run, but not to install the rigging...not hard, just time-consuming.

After the Texas Maid was completed life "got in the way" a little bit, as one of my esteemed teaching colleagues at Texas Tech used to say.
A career change, precipitating a move way east and south, led us to the Deep South. Almost two years later, we were able to move back to
Tejas. A couple of years into a new opportunity, household re-established and property improvements underway, we are looking into
another interest...rebuilding & restoring antique garden tractors and using them as they were intended...mostly the JD brand:


John Deere 110...geared, with variator drive

1972 John Deere 110...a pioneer model for JD


1969 John Deere 140 H1 hydrostatic

Big fun...we'll see how it goes as we get some shop time not dedicated to outboards.

Acme Outboards offers a few manuals and guides, such as...

            Owner-Operator Guides on CD:

Champion J & K outboards
Sea King 5 hp 1951-1954
Johnson KS-KD
Martin 20
Martin 40
Martin 60
Martin 75

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            Service Manuals on CD:

Scott-Atwater Service Manual 1946-1956
Evinrude Service Manual 1912-1945
Evinrude Service Manual 1935-1961
Mercury Service Manual 1940-1965
Johnson Service Manual 1922-1964
Elgin-West Bend Service Manual

You can order and pay securely using the Paypal buttons, or
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We have a dedicated shopmaster and towing marshall:

Our first supervisor, Ted, kept
an eye on us... lest we stray.
Ted has retired to canine heaven.
There was never a better mate.


Our current shop master and towing marshall is Diesel. He loves to go, go, go.
A true water dog...but naps are cool, too.

Drop us a line at
tmac58star@sbcglobal.net if we can help

you with a restoration, supplies or a new-old outboard.



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Okay, the show's over. Move along.